Poster of Joint IPAW/TAPP Poster reception

  1. The Aspect-Oriented Architecture of the CAPS Framework for Capturing, Analyzing and Archiving Provenance Data. Peer C. Brauer, Florian Fittkau and Wilhelm Hasselbring. (preprint)
  2. Improving Workflow Design Using Abstract Provenance Graphs. Tianhong Song, Saumen Dey, Shawn Bowers and Bertram Ludaescher.
  3. Early Discovery of Tomato Foliage Diseases Based on Data Provenance and Pattern Recognition. Diogo Nunes, Carlos Werly, Gizelle Kupac Vianna and Sergio Manuel Serra Da Cruz.
  4. Provenance in Open Data Entity-Centric Aggregation. Moaz Reyad and Fausto Giunchiglia. 
  5. Enhancing Provenance Representation With Knowledge Based On NFR Conceptual Modeling: A Softgoal Catalog Approach. Sergio Manuel Serra Da Cruz and André Luiz De Castro Leal.
  6. Provenance Storage, Querying, and Visualization in PBase. Victor Cuevas-Vicenttin, Parisa Kianmajd, Bertram Ludaescher, Paolo Missier, Fernando Chirigati, Yaxing Wei, David Koop and Saumen Dey
  7. Engineering Choices for Open World Provenance. M. David Allen, Adriane Chapman and Barbara Blaustein.
  8. Towards Supporting Provenance Gathering and Querying in Different Database Approaches. Flavio Costa, Vítor Silva, Daniel de Oliveira, Kary Ocaña and Marta Mattoso. (slides)
  9. Provenance for Explaining Taxonomy Alignments. Mingmin Chen, Shizhuo Yu, Parisa Kianmajd, Nico Franz, Shawn Bowers and Bertram Ludaescher.
  10. Challenges in Modeling Geospatial Provenance. Daniel Garijo, Andreas Harth and Yolanda Gil.
  11. Adaptive RDF Query Processing based on Provenance. Marcin Wylot, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux and Paul Groth.
  12. Using Well Founded Provenance Ontologies to Query Meteorological Data. Thiago Silva. Barbosa, Ednaldo O. Santos, Gustavo B. Lyra and Sergio Manuel Serra Da Cruz. (slides)
  13. UProve: Ubiquitous Provenance to Enhance File Search. Annajiat Rasel and Mohammed Eunus Ali. (preprint) (video)
  14. Applying W3C PROV to express Geospatial Provenance at feature and attribute level. Joan Masó, Guillem Closa Santos and Yolanda Gil.
  15. ProvStore: A Public Provenance RepositoryTrung Dong Huynh and Luc Moreau. 
  16. Sentence Templating for Explaining Provenance. Heather S. Packer and Luc Moreau.
  17. Extending PROV Data Model for Provenance-Aware Sensor Web. Peng Yue and Xia Guo.
  18. Using Softgoal Interdependency Graph to Expose the Relationships between Software Traceability and Data Provenance. Sergio Serra and André Luiz De Castro Leal.
  19. SC-PROV: A Provenance Vocabulary for Social Computation. Milan Markovic, Peter Edwards and David Corsar. (preprint)
  20. DEMO - RDataTracker and DDG Explorer: Capture, Visualization and Querying of Provenance from R Scripts. Barbara Lerner and Emery Boose.
  21. Provenance Support for Medical Research. Richard McClatchey, Jetendr Shamdasani, Andrew Branson and Kamran Munir.
  22. Experiencing PROV-Wf for Provenance Interoperability in SWfMSs. Wellington Oliveira, Daniel de Oliveira, Vanessa Braganholo. (preprint)